Precautionary Measures

Precautionary Measures
Dear Sabji Haat Costumer

Your safety is our priority. As an addition precaution, all our deliveries will now be Contactless for free.
Please keep a bag outside your door, so our delivery executive can leave your items in the bag or on a clean surface, they will then ring the bell and leave. STAY HOME STAY SAFE
Apart from the contactless delivery option, we have also initiated other precaution measure through heightened safety protocol across all our office, warehouse and delivery hub.
Warehouse and delivery hub are being sanitize.
All our warehouse and delivery hub employees are being checked for symptom, and are thermally scanned before entering warehouse and delivery hub. All warehouse and delivery hub employees  use face mask and gloves.
Before proceeding for delivery, our delivery executives are being checked for any symptoms.
All delivery executives are equipped with gloves which will be changed after delivery.
We take this opportunity to appreciate our delivery executives for going above and beyond for everyone during this time.
On behalf of everyone at Sabji Haat, we’d like to share our best wishes with you and your family. Stay safe and healthy during this time.
Thank you being a Sabji Haat family

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